Lynx Wireline Masts

Wireline Masts Rental

  • Rental of Lynx Wireline Mast

  • ‘The new 90’ LynxTM Wire Line Mast is setting a new industry standard. Introducing superior efficiency, increased working environment and without the need for external cranes once it is installed.

  • The Mast also features BOP access in compliance with Norsok S-002, eliminating the need for scaffolding, and minimizing the risk of dropped objects.
    The very low operational footprint of 2,5m x 2,5m gives class leading flexibility on the Hatch Deck.


  • 15/20 tons Mast capability
  • 7,5/10 tons Main winch
  • Self-erecting
  • Self-standing
  • Tool winch (up to 2 tons)
  • Utility winch (up to 4 tons)


  • Man-Rider Winch
  • Lubricator Handling Arm
  • Norsok compliance
  • Adapter Hatch (rig specific)
  • Radio Remote Controlled
Wireline Mast Rental

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