Coiled Tubing Reels

Coiled Tubing Reels Rental

  • The system was developed for service in the North Sea, with its high focus on HSE and rough environment.
  • The Dwellop DID Ct reel system is designed for optimization and efficiently during a coiled tubing operation.
  • DID system is split into two (Powerstand and Spool) for utilizing maximum crane capacity on the rig.
  • Powerstand
  • The large capacity and high pulling force on the power stand give it a unique ability to run up to 5” pipe with a total working weight capacity of 132 mt on drive system.
  • A unique system for safe installation for spools is incorporated in the work stand. This system enables the need for crane for installation of spools after the spool has been landed in to the Powerstand.

Key future DID Powerstand

  • DNV Certified
  • Maximum working capacity: 132 mt
  • Maximum drum size: 232 x 92.”
  • Two hydraulic motor drive system (option for 3 motors)
  • Dual swivel option, up to 3” and 15 000 PSI
  • Option for trolex mount
  • Lewelwind system with speed adjustment
  • Level wind and side access platform
  • Designed for road transport


  • Hydraulic tubing clamp
  • Camera arm
  • Integrated inhibitor tank and pump
  • Air driven HPU for auxiliary functions

Ct Spools and cradle

  • Dwellop supplies CT spools in different sizes ranging from 168 to 232”,
  • The capacity (dry weight) of each spool is 65 mt of pipe up to 192”, and 88 mt of tubing up to 232”
  • The spool can also be supplied with at transport cradle. This cradle works as a guide when installing spool in Powerstand, this is a great benefit when working on semi-submersible rig. When installed, the cradle works as an adapter frame for positioning the drum in the Powerstand, and the cradle also works as a drip tray during operation. All spools are supplied with a certified lifting gear

Key feature Spools

  • DNV Certified
  • 10 spoke layout for better access
  • Cradle acts as quid and drip tray
  • Exchangeable center hub on high capacity spools

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